2006 - How Much A Life

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01 Negative Energy
02 Into the Future
03 Power of Rage
04 Lord of the Seas
05 Heart of Stone
06 Nothing to Lose
07 Illusions
08 Underworld
09 Lifeless
10 Fire's Day
11 Cursed Men

Produced by Rildo Velloso
Engeneered by Tchello Martim & Rildo Velloso
Mixed and mastered by Rildo Velloso
Recorded at Megahard Studios, São Paulo, Brasil - between Dec 2003 & Dec 2004
Mastered at El Rocha Studios, São Paulo, Brasil - Jul 2005
Cover art work: Marco Alexandre
All music written by Marco Alexandre
All lyrics written by Marco Alexandre


Marco Alexandre - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Bilão - bass
Marcelo Soto - drums

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