2013 - The Threefold Law of Return

Publicado em 2013 - The Threefold Law of Return

01 You Know My Enemy
02 Weak Minded Generation
03 Fast Blood
04 Going to Abyss
05 Shadows on the Wall
06 Unknowledge
07 The Cross
08 Confusion and Sadness
09 Filosofia Punk
10 A Sense of the End

Produced, engeneered and mixed by Marco Alexandre
Recorded at Sign of Sanity Studios, São Paulo, Brasil - 2012
Mastered by Steve Corao
Mastered at Sage Audio Studios, Nashville, USA - Oct 2012
Cover art work: Marco Alexandre
Track 01 music written by Bilão
Tracks 02, 03, 05, 08, 09 & 10 music written by Marco Alexandre
Tracks 04 & 06 music written by Marco Alexandre & Sandro Moura
Track 07 music written by Marco Alexandre, Bilão & Luciano Dias
All lyrics written by Marco Alexandre except "You Know My Enemy" written by Bilão


Marco Alexandre - vocals, guitars, keyboards
Bilão - bass
Clélio Dantas - drums

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