At Dream's Door - new album

Poseidon is a brazilian heavy rock band from Sao Paulo

Listen now the Poseidon's fourth album: At Dream's Door

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Belmilson Santos Bass

Marcelo Soto Drums

Marco Alexandre Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


What Others Say


"Powerful vocals, heavy riffs, majestic, well-built solos, bass precision, frenetic drums and the balance between weight and melody are the key elements we can easily identify in this album. But in addition, we can also appreciate other remarkable features that gave a new "touch" to his new sound: very significant vocal variations, acoustic guitars, an increase in Brazilian popular music, influence of Arabic music and orchestrations. This range of varieties could only result in a fantastic and innovative work."

Gisela Cardoso - Polvora Zine

How Much a Life - "As músicas permeiam entre o metal tradicional e o thrash metal mais moderno, com uma ótima produção e gravação. Bases que esfolam os ouvidos, bateria e baixo caprichados e é assim mesmo que deve ser. O power trio consegue desfilar excelentes canções ao longo de todo o trabalho, mas algumas se destacam mais. Como é o caso de: “Heart of Stone”, “Nothing to Lose” e a maravilhosa “Underworld”."

Filipe Slatanick, Metal Zone.

At Dream's Door, Poseidon's new album challenges definitions

Drinking at the fountain of classic 1970s rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple and Queen, adding heavy guitars inherited from the band's past heavy metal background and experiencing contemporary sound solutions, Poseidon reaches its fourth album willing to redefine its status on underground music from São Paulo.

Recorded between 2015 and 2018, At Dream's Door contains 11 songs, quotations in Latin, Greek and Italian, use of flute, sitar, mandolin, synthesizers, vocoders and loops, in an almost uninterrupted flow which suggests that the album is actually just a song . At the same time the tempo varies and the melodies stand out more than ever in the history of the veteran power trio, almost framing the work as progressive. But Marco Alexandre (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Belmilson Santos (bass) and Marcelo Soto (drums) do not embark on the ground of meaningless virtuosic instrumentation keeping the songs cohesive, assertive, dynamic.

The lyrics are based on Neil Gaiman's graphic novel Sandman and the dreamy and delirious atmosphere of the play was both a lyrical and sonorous inspiration, sparking an intriguing sense of delirium.